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  [ Background ]  
  Yannitech was established in 2005 and has been actively involved with development, integration and support functions for large mobile operators, banking industries and smaller private sector companies. Although Yannitech is a South African established Company, we also operate in the Global Arena.  
  [ Services through knowledge ]  
  The two founding Directors of Yannitech have more than 40 years combined experience in the Mobile, Internet and Data Technology fields. Together with their highly skilled employees, Yannitech offers first hand knowledge in these industries.  
  [ Costeffective solutions ]  
  Our focus is to supply cost effective solutions that is not tied to expensive licensing models. In order to achieve this we make use of open source software where practically possible.
By leveraging open source it is possible to offer low cost solutions that are tailor made to a particular client's requirement and allow for flexibility to easily and quickly adapt to new market needs.
  [ Personal touch ]  
  A unique feature of Yannitech is direct involvement by owners in each project and their core value is to interact directly with the client's needs. We endeavour to understand your business and we adapt our modus operandi to suit and support those unique needs.
Owner involvement ensures that we have the power of fast paced progressive and innovative solutions to complex and inflexible business needs and requirements.